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a mindful approach to childcare

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More about Mindful Life Schools Method 

"Mindful Life Schools Method introduces children to the benefits of mindfulness in a fun and developmentally appropriate way. While there are many definitions of mindfulness, the definition I use with children is: focusing on the present moment with kindness. One of the primary ironies to modern education is that we ask students to pay attention dozens of time a day, yet we rarely teach them how to pay attention.The practice of mindfulness teaches students how to pay attention, and in this way of paying attention enhances both academic and social emotional learning. The mindful movement components of the program is creative and play-based. It is designed to create a positive association in the brain with mindfulness skills children learn. This allows them to access and utilize their mindfulness skills more readily."         

-Kristin Race, Ph.D

Founder, Mindful Life Schools 



More about the MindUP Curriculum 

The MindUp curriculum was founded and established by actress and philanthropist, Goldie Hawn, with the help of several of the best renowned neuroscientists, psychologists and educators. 

MindUP™ is a research-based training program for educators and children. This program is composed of 15 lessons based in neuroscience. Students learn to self-regulate behavior and mindfully engage in focused concentration required for academic success. MindUP™ lessons align with all state standards including Common Core and support improved academic performance while enhancing perspective taking, empathy and kindness as well as fostering complex problem solving skills.

"MindUP is dedicated to helping children deepen their understanding of their own mental processes; the curriculum begins with in introduction to brain physiology. Once students become familiar with the parts of the brain and how the parts function and interact, they carry that knowledge forward into their MindUP explorations as well as the rest of their classroom experience. The recommended daily Core Practice and the content of each lesson serve as conduits through which young learnings can broaden their awareness of the connections between brain and body, between what goes on "inside" and actual experience. The outcome of this enhanced awareness is a group of resilient children whose awareness of their impulses, thoughts, feelings and behaviors enhance their confidence, pleasure and sense of agency in their own learning process".





Mindful education is an evolutionary way of learning.

It is also a way of unlearning some ineffective traditional methods of processing information.

​Mindfulness teaches children how to stop, to think, and to respond intelligently to stress, thereby, becoming less reactive. The ability to be less reactive through mindfulness promotes thoughtful and reflective intentional thinking and learning. Children will learn HOW to pay attention naturally with a clear mind.   

The curriculum includes a compilation of two of the best mindfulness programs for children: MindUP and Mindful Life Schools programs. In order to remain within the integrity of each program, the curriculums will be taught inaccordance to each suggested lessons. However, to accomidate for very young children, MindfulNEST Center has created unique lesson plans to be taught with more visual or auditory props to aid in their understanding.

Parents will also be given fun practical tools to help follow up with the lessons at home.

Consistency in both enviornments will help the children grasp the concepts more deeply.

MindfulNEST is taught by a trained and certified mindfulness instructor to insure that the children are guided properly.