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a mindful approach to childcare

Mindfulness is a state of being actively attentive to the present moment without judgment.

It allows you to observe and absorb your envioronment and circumstances with a "clear head". This

objectivity leads to an insighftulness that allows space to view things without judgment or criticism, but

rather a deeper level of reasoning that involves compassion and kindness.

Teaching children mindfulness enhances the ability for children to have clear presence of mind in order to

handle stress and make smart decisions. Children "learn how to deal with stress simply with a breath."

Mindfulness is increasingly recognized as an essential educational tool. It develops attention, emotional and

cognitive understanding, bodily awareness and coordination as well as interpersonal skills.

Teaching mindful presence is one of the most critical yet often ignored in the rush to cover academic

curriculum. As a result, we see an overwhelming amount of low-test scores frustrated students, parents and teachers.

Mindfulness teaches children to learn with objectivity and insightfulness.

Whereas academics teach knowledge, mindfulness teaches wisdom.

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What is Mindfulness?